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About Adnan Dervishi, MD

Dr. Adnan Dervishi's path to becoming a respected urologist in Nashville, TN, highlights his dedication and resilience. Originally from Kosovo, Dr. Dervishi successfully navigated the challenges of relocating to the United States as a refugee and has built a solid career in urology.

In addition to his professional duties, Dr. Dervishi actively participates in various sports and outdoor activities. Whether playing soccer, enjoying disc golf, fishing, or snowboarding, he brings the same level of commitment to his hobbies as he does to his medical practice. Beyond his professional life, Dr. Dervishi is a devoted family man, cherishing time with his wife, two boys, and two dogs.

Dr. Dervishi's journey is marked by steady determination, earning him respect both within and beyond the medical community. His commitment extends beyond patient care, embracing life with genuine enthusiasm for all his pursuits.

Training and education: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Medical training, UTHSC College of Medicine, Memphis

  • Urology residency, University of Louisville

  • Fellowship in Urologic Oncology & Minimally Invasive/Robotic Surgery, Hartford Hospital, Connecticut

Dr. Dervishi
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